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John 15:12-13 Devotional

INTRODUCTION: Family Worship is a time where you and your family gather together to worship the risen King. Each Family Worship has four major sections: READ, THINK, PRAY, and LIVE.

The READ section is where you take the Scriptures and read them aloud. During the THINK section you will be given several items to meditate on in the text. It is during the THINK section that you seek to understand the passage better. The PRAY section will challenge you to pray the Biblical principle with your family that the specific passage is explaining. Finally, the LIVE section provides you with several ways in which you can put the Scripture passage that you just studied into practice during your everyday life.

READ | John 15:12-13

THINK | Love is Sacrifice

In the final hours before Jesus would be crucified, we find Him exhorting His disciples to love one another through emptying themselves and exalting Christ. Our culture today defines love through personal gratification. We worship at the altar of self and define love as whatever is pleasing to us. Jesus had an altogether different approach to love. True love, as Jesus defines, occurs when one denies himself and serves the other person as an act of worship before God.

PRAY | Removing Self and Replacing it with Sacrifice

Before you can begin to love like Jesus you must first recognize the areas of your life where you are self absorbed. Under the following categories write down three areas where you are most prideful: Family, Church, and Social (work, school, etc.). Now that you have identified the specific areas of your pride, ask for God’s forgiveness.

LIVE | Love as Serving

As Jesus explains, love is all about sacrifice yourself in order to exalt Christ. As a family, write down five ways you can serve each other. Then post these five ways in an area where you will be reminded each day to serve each other.


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