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Thanksgiving Devotional 02

God’s Plan For Your Family

READ | 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

THINK | Three Continual Commands

In the passage, Paul gives three specific ways in which your family can be in the will of God everyday. Identify the three commands that Paul shares. Then explain each one briefly. Finally, share which one is easiest for you to do daily and which one is most difficult.

  • Command 1: Rejoice

  • Command 2: Pray

  • Command 3: Give thanks

PRAY | Asking God for Help

We all struggle in one of the three commands Paul has given. Paul shares how it is the working of all three of these commands that puts our family in line with God’s will. Take a moment to pray as a family, and ask God to help you in the command which you struggle the most.

LIVE | Doing God’s Will

Here are several ways that may help you to do each of the three commands Paul lists in 1 Thessalonians.

  1. Rejoice always

    • Take time to speak to everyone and greet them with a smile

  2. Pray without ceasing

    • Start a prayer journal

    • Create a prayer calendar

    • Put prayer topics on 3x5 notecards all over your home

  3. Give thanks in all circumstances

    • Make a list of 100 things you are thankful for each day


  • (v16) – The word Paul uses for rejoice is chairo, which means to be in a state of happiness and well-being. It was also a word used for greeting someone. The purpose of the term is to show that a Christian has an entirely different outlook on the world than unbelievers. We can live in turmoil and still be able to have joy.

  • (v17) – Paul calls us to remain in prayer. This task can seem difficult if one thinks of prayer as having your head bowed and eyes closed. Practically this posture of prayer does not coincide with Paul’s admonition to “pray without ceasing”. Therefore, the significance of prayer is that you are in constant communication with God. Thus, Paul is wanting for all Christians to live their life as if they are communing with God every second of every day.

  • (v18) – As Christians it is important that we be a thankful people. Thanksgiving for the Christian comes from our salvation. Then from our salvation we are able to be thankful in all circumstances. The reason for our continual thanksgiving is that we understand that everything we go through is working for our good and God’s glory (Rom. 8:28).


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