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John 8:31-38 Devotional

INTRODUCTION: Family Worship is a time where you and your family gather together to worship the risen King. Each Family Worship has four major sections: READ, THINK, PRAY, and LIVE.

The READ section is where you take the Scriptures and read them aloud. During the THINK section you will be given several items to meditate on in the text. It is during the THINK section that you seek to understand the passage better. The PRAY section will challenge you to pray the Biblical principle with your family. Finally, the LIVE section provides you with several ways in which you can put the Scripture passage into practice during your everyday life.

READ | John 8:31-38

THINK | Truth + Abide = Freedom

Jesus speaks about freedom in terms that are very contrary to our perception. Typically, we think of freedom as a license to do whatever we deem acceptable. However, Jesus places guardrails on freedom. As long as we stay within the guardrails we will enjoy the benefits of freedom. These two guardrails are truth and abide. The guardrail of abide refers to our desire to trust God with everything. Scripture speaks of abiding in God as being a place of rest for the Christian. Are you tired? Worn out? Exhausted? Rest in the promises and provisions of God (Read Psalm 23 and Matthew 6:25-33 for more information). The second guardrail is truth. It is this guardrail that provides us with direction. Without truth, we are searching for direction in our life. However, with truth we are free to pursue God completely and allow for Him to guide us to our destination in life.

PRAY | Abide in God’s Truth

Before you can experience the freedom that God has for you in this life, you must first confront the sin of relying on your own self for guidance and direction. Jesus says in verse 34 that whoever practices sin is a slave to sin. Take a moment to ask God to show you the areas of your life that are not completely under God’s control. Then ask God to forgive you and to take control of your life.

LIVE | Experience God’s Freedom

Three times a day take a moment to stop and ask God to completely control your thoughts and actions. When you find yourself struggling with giving God control, write down what is going on and call someone who is more mature spiritually and seek their wisdom and guidance.


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